The Sicilian Scheveningen : Sicilian: ... e6 and ... d6 - download pdf or read online

By Gary Kasparov, Aleksander Nikitin

ISBN-10: 0713469544

ISBN-13: 9780713469547

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Ef-Bf3 White can’t take with the bishop because he needs to protect the c4 pawn. gf-gf 49 XABCDEFGHY 8-+ktr-vl-tr( 7zppzpq+-+p' 6-snn+pzp-+& 5+-+-+-+-% 4-+PzP-+-+$ 3+-sN-vLP+-# 2PzP-wQL+-zP" 1+-+RmK-+R! xabcdefghy The white position was destroyed and now black can easily attack white’s numerous weaknesses. 00-Bc5 Black is continuing to attack white’s pawn center. White can’t take the bishop because of Qg7 winning the queen then. d5 which doesn’t help either. Qe7-Ne7. Finally, black won white’s central pawn and got a winning position.

XABCDEFGHY 8r+-+r+k+( 7zpl+nwqpzpp' 6-zpp+-sn-+& 5+-+p+-+-% 4-+-zP-+-+$ 3+PsN-+-zP-# 2PvL-+PzPLzP" 1tR-+Q+RmK-! xabcdefghy Black’s move. Of course, it is not a pawn center at the moment. However let’s think about this position and try to realize what both players will do in the future. Both of them will play in the center according to the rule “if you can play in the center – do it”. White will probably try to create a strong pawn center by playing f3 and e4 after some preparation. Black can try to attack white’s center by playing c5, but it is a risky decision.

You may use the pawns in front of your king if necessary. The bottom line here is this: in closed positions, it is usually hard to attack weaknesses. That’s why we shouldn’t be afraid of creating weaknesses too much. The same thing works for a defensive side. A defender may advance the pawns to set a blockade in the way of an opponent’s pawn assault. Well, of course it doesn’t mean that a defender always should move his pawns. However, he may do so if necessary. You can see that this is a characteristic of the closed positions, because these rules work only here.

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The Sicilian Scheveningen : Sicilian: ... e6 and ... d6 systems by Gary Kasparov, Aleksander Nikitin

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