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Undesirable English, as George Orwell argued so eloquently over 60 years in the past, is an indication of laziness, sloppy concept or insincerity. but why is it then that such a lot of folks stay in thrall to clichés, stale idioms and empty words by way of expressing ourselves? Jargon and clichés are absolutely pleasing: they're fast, effortless and (we prefer to imagine) they make us seem like we all know what we're speaking approximately. they assist us slot in with others who use an identical language. the difficulty is that every one too frequently they develop into a short-cut for asserting not anything a great deal – concealing which means instead of speaking it.

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This is not the case. Even a concept as basic as CAUSATION iS not purely emergent or purely metaphorical. Rather, it appears to have a directly emergent core that is elaborated metaphorically. Direct Manipulation: The Prototype of Causation Standard theories of meaning assume that all of our complex concepts can be analyzed into undecomposable primitives. Such primitives are taken to be the ultimate "building blocks" of meaning. The concept of causation is often taken to be such an ultimate building block.

There are an nmrfirl lot o faces out there in the audience. We need some here. new fcices around This metonymy functions actively in our culture. The tradi-tion of portraits, in both painting and photography, is based on it. If you ask me to show you a picture of my son and I show you a picture of his face, you will be satisfied. You will consider yourself to have seen a picture of him. But if I show you a picture of his body without his face, you will consider it strange and will not be satisfied.

If you play your cards right, you can do it. He won big. He's a real loser. Where is he when the chips are down? That's my ace in the hole. He's bluffing. The president is playing it close to his vest. Let's up the ante. Maybe we need to sweeten the pot. I think we should stand pat. That's the luck of the dras,'. Those are high stakes. " These function in many ways like single words, and the language has thousands of them. In the examples given, a set of such phrasal lexical items is coherently structured by a single metaphorical concept.

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