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By Alexander Alekhine

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20... Ag5 21 . cdl He may, at his previous move, have overlooked that 2 l . 4Jd3 would be fatal because of 22 .. :i;j'a l . If now 1 1 . 4Jh4 with advan­ tage as 1 2 ... §fdl. Ac6 22 . §. cd8 The occupation of the open file is ab­ solutely decisive. lle4 etc. Thus definitely acquiring an advantage in space, which cannot however be eas­ ily increased as d6 (after c5) can be pro­ tected without much difficulty. 13 ... 0-0 14 . 1� xd4 �e5 17 . fd8 As this opponent's rook is never a pleas­ ant vis-a-vis for the queen; it would be better placed on c7; and 17 .

E4. 46 ... §d6 He writes: "Both players were very short of time. When four moves re­ mained to be made our table was sur­ rounded by a crowd ofjournalists, par­ ticipants and others. It is impossible to play under such circumstances. If now 47 . . §d8 mate. The rest is very easy. 48. f3 A x c 2 5 0. 'lxd4. After the queen's move this will, of course, be impossible.

El ab8 and Black's position would remain safe. h6 9. 11. xf6 Very harmless. But after 9 . llh4 the pin­ ning of the knight would be without much effect as Black would always have the move g5 at his disposal. 11. £)e7 7. e2 e5 • More solid than 7 . �g4 played by Bogoljubow in a later game also against Flohr. As will be seen White gets after a few moves a very promising position. Black has obviously not the slightest difficulties. 0-0 7 ... 0-0 c4 A move too early! After 9 . Ele1 c4 11 . \lfl h6 etc.

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