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By E. A Steinhaus

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Stanley Friedman collage of Illinois Urbana, Illinois A perusal of the desk of contents of this brief symposium on Insect Endocrinology may perhaps lead those people who are usually unin structed in Fraenkel's actions to ask yourself as to our collection of papers. Our justification is predicated upon our attempt to pay attention the symposium upon a unmarried quarter within which he has had a longer involvement: particularly, the metamorphic molt in flies.

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Using Drosophila it has been found that doses in the range of 1500 r for first-ins tar larvae to 3500 r for third-instar larvae cause appreciable killing whereas the development of irradiated Calliphora larvae into imagoes is practically unaffected by doses below 1000 r, and irradiation of Culex larvae with doses of about 3000 r or less is essentially without effect on subsequent imago formation (Halberstaedter et al, 1943). Bourgin and his co­ workers (1956), in a detailed histological study of irradiated Drosophila, were able to delineate two categories of damage: those which appear immediately (within 12 hours after irradiation) and those which remain latent until the time when the pupal stage should begin under normal circumstances.

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