New PDF release: Illustrated Genera of Imperfect Fungi

By H. L. Barnett & B. B. Hunter

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Examples: Oecfotvphalum, Boirviis, Gonuiohoirvs)... Series BOf RYOBLASTO'SPORAE Botryoblastosporae, Batrytis Conidia (porospores) developing through pores in outer wall at apex or side of eonidiophore, single or in some genera produced on successive new growing points formed by sympodial proliferation ... (Examples: Helminthosporium, Bipolarts, Stemphvfium) . . Scries P O R O SPORAE 90 Porosporae, Bipo/an's Conidia (syrnpodulospores) developing at tips of conidiophores or conidiogenous cells (not from pores in outer wall) and forming successively on new growing tips by sympodial proliferation; increase may be slight but conidia are of different ages; (this key includes some genera placed by some authors in the Porosporae) ..

Scries MER1STEM ARTHROSPORAE Meristem Arthrosporae, Oidium 41 ALTFRNATF K H Y TO S C R IP S AND GENFRA Conidia (aleuriospores) usually single and apical on conidiophore or sporogenous cells, often thick-walled and pigmented but may be hyaline, often not easily deciduous or deciduous by means of a special cell at apex of conidiophore; accessory conidial states often present . . (Examples: Humicola, Sepedonium, Microsporum) Series ALEURIOSPORAE 10 Aleuriosporae, Nigrospora Conidia (anncllospores) produced successively on apex of conidiogenous cells or conidiophore which increases slightly in length by pereurrent proliferation through previous conidial scars; successive scars appear as faint anncllations at apex of conidiogenous c e l l .

Examples: Fusiclactium, Tri! irachium, Ccrcospora) Series S Y M P O D U L O SPORAE 102 Sympodulosporae, Sporothrix 43 44 ALTERNATE K E Y TO S E R IE S AND GENERA ti Conidia (phialospores) formed successively from open apex of conidiophore or conidiogenous cell (phialide), which ordinarily does not increase in length; conidia often collect in droplet of mucilage or slime at apex or remain attached in basipetal chains; in a few genera the simple conidiophore proliferates percurrently and forms new phialides ...

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