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I play chess online, and usually submit an effective struggle yet lose finally. i've been in search of books that might support me increase my video game. i'm seldom in a position to examine a lot from replaying recognized video games -- the method is simply too refined for me, the entire sacrificing of items to realize a small facet opposed to one other improved participant.

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Strategies are typically why most folks locate chess enjoyable! This booklet will significantly increase your leisure studying approximately - and making the most of - the ordinary styles of strategies. In chess, in case you lose your entire items you cannot win! And for those who seize each one of your opponent's items, profitable can be effortless. no matter if you simply get forward via a small quantity of fabric, your possibilities of profitable bounce.

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Bb7 XABCDEFGHY 8-+-+-+k+( 7zPL+-tr-+p' 6-+-+-+-+& 5+-+-+-+-% 4-+-+-+-+$ 3+-+-vL-+-# 2-+-+-+-zP" 1+-+-vl-+K! xabcdefghy White is winning, because black can’t prevent a8 move. In this game, black had a strong counterplay. White was able to gain a victory only because of his persistence. White focused himself on the advancement of his passed pawn and realized this plan successfully after all. 31 In this game we have seen a separate passed pawn. Now let’s talk about the connected passed pawns. 2 connected passed pawns have a great power in an endgame: - They protect each other and support a movement of each other.

Next stuff to check out is… The ROOK Here everything is quite simple. First, a rook needs to have open lines. When you have a rook, you need to push the pawns forward and exchange them to make your rook active. 59 Secondly a rook works well with pawns. Thus a rook is good when you need to support an advancement of your passed pawn or stop an opponent’s pawn. There is an old rule: You Should Put The Rook Behind A Passed Pawn. It Doesn’t Matter Whether It’s Your Pawn Or An Opponent’s One. This rule is NOT absolute, but it works often.

Re3 and then bring the king into a center behind his pieces (Kf2-e2-d3). Let’s see what happened then. Ke2-Re8 XABCDEFGHY 8-+-+rmk-+( 7+p+l+-zp-' 6-zp-tr-+-zp& 5+-+P+p+-% 4-+-tR-+-+$ 3zP-sN-tR-+-# 2-zP-+K+PzP" 1+-+-+-+-! xabcdefghy black is also trying to transfer the king into a center. Ke3-Ke7 54 XABCDEFGHY 8-+-+-+-+( 7+p+lmk-zp-' 6-zp-tr-+-zp& 5+-+P+p+-% 4-+R+-+-+$ 3zP-sN-mK-+-# 2-zP-+-+PzP" 1+-+-+-+-! Kd4 right now, black will answer 33…Rg6 attacking the pawn and threatening Rg4 check. Thus white needs to make a little preparation first.

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