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Most houses of Cracklaw remain loyal to the Targaryens but have none of that same loyalty for each other. Skirmishes and blood feuds are common, making this stretch of land particularly dangerous. Duskendale Duskendale is a large port off the coast of Blackwater Bay. It was formerly held by the Darklyns, an ancient family descended from First Men kings that was wiped out as a result of the Defiance of Duskendale (see House Darklyn on page 59 for details). The town spreads out around the harbor.

Aside from making wildfire, the alchemists claimed they could transmute lead to gold, along with countless other miracles. Most Wisdoms shroud themselves and their order in mystery to hide the loss of knowledge and talent within the Guild. To many, it seems the Guild’s star has fallen and will never ascend again. The Alchemists occupy a guildhall beneath Visenya’s Hill. Inside is a maze of cold, black stone, with cells for the acolytes, chambers filled with sand to contain the Substance, and a veritable labyrinth of passages, and hidden rooms.

Defensive +1, Off-hand +1 Like all Lannisters, Cersei is intelligent, brave, and ruthless; unlike the rest of the Lannisters, she’s also volatile and impatient. Many of her personal traits spring from the fact she resents the restrictions placed on her simply because she’s a woman. It angers her that a man, no matter what his shortcomings, would have been given power she’d never be able to earn despite her strengths. In her mind, her only failing came when she was unable to make Robert forget Lyanna Stark.

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