R. L. Trask's A Dictionary of Grammatical Terms in Linguistics PDF

By R. L. Trask

ISBN-10: 0415086280

ISBN-13: 9780415086288

This dictionary of grammatical phrases covers either present and conventional terminology in syntax and morphology. It comprises descriptive phrases, the main theoretical strategies of the main influential grammatical frameworks, and the manager phrases from mathematical and computational linguistics. It comprises over 1500 entries, offering definitions and examples, pronunciations, the earliest resources of phrases and recommendations for additional analyzing, and proposals approximately competing and conflicting usages. The publication specializes in non-theory-boumd descriptive phrases, that are prone to stay present for a few years.
Aimed at scholars and lecturers of linguistics, it permits a reader questioned by means of a grammatical time period to appear it up and find additional analyzing very easily.

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Ehasmatk o decision ot The committee have mode a decision. In some other collectivenounsexhibit a distioctivemorPhology. languages, ? I command domain n. (of a node A) The set of all the nodes in the tree to which A bearc one of the commsnd r€lations. comDtaDder /ke'morndo/ n. A node which bears a oommrtrd r€lctio! to another node. commeld relatioD /rr'lerJq/ n. Any of various relations which may hold betweentwo nodesin a trce. rior\ S.! ' f-command 3 deraitlr 1iL\)rhrme) ln\)m! rrii. ir ! il,rLndrruta , 2 ',:.

Mosr or all -languages. a senlenceis assumedlo consist of a sorall '::. T:-:lT'" consatauenls, eachot which aiso consislsof a few srill smallei constituen$, each of which in turn aiso consistsof eren smalle! both meanAmharic: ber'e ing 'my hous€'. morphemes)are reached. This kind of structure is most readitv displayedin a tree of the familiar son. The notion of svntactic structure as constituenlstructurewas finjt expliciii! r ? linguisticsever sinc€. and it is arguably the principal respect in which the gramnlaticalanalyscsof the Amerjcanstructuralinswere taken over moro or less intact by Chomsky and lhe gencrativisrs who follo*cd him.

Any darum whjch. h someproposed grammatjcalrule or principlc. s castingdoubt on ic laljdity. Chomsk! has repcaredh stressedthat the mere e\istcnceof ruch a darum doesnot in irseif constitutea counrerexamplc. but rarherrhat onlv somepanicutar propo$d analysisof il can be regardedas a counrerexamptc:this argument rs reasonablcenough in principtc. but many tioguisrs would claimthat at leaslsomcdaraare so blatantlvproblematicrhat rt ls not unreasonablcro regard rhem aspina fuci. cotJnrercxam_ ples.

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