New PDF release: 303 Tricky Chess Tactics

By Bruce Albertson, Fred Wilson

ISBN-10: 1580420109

ISBN-13: 9781580420105

Either a desirable problem and an excellent education instrument, those tough tactical difficulties are usually not merely enjoyable to unravel, yet nice for complicated novices, intermediate, and specialist avid gamers to take advantage of as instruments to enhance their game.  strategies are provided so as of hassle, in order that avid gamers can develop from easy to complicated positions.  Examples from real video games illustrate quite a lot of strategies from the classics correct as much as the present games.  you are going to discover ways to use pins, unmarried and double forks, double assaults, skewers, found and double assessments, a number of probability tactics-and different crushing strategies as a part of their problem-solving challenges.  nice stuff and enjoyable too!  Illustrations.  192 pages

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P-R3 intending. . P-KN4, trying to dominate the central dark squares. 11 KR-K1 B-Q2 12 P-QR3 Q-B2 13 P-QN4 N-R5 14 NXN BXN 15 BXKP! PXB 16 NXP QXP 17 Q-Q4 K-B2 18 R-QB1 Q-R7. Black could also surrender the Q (which is often the outcome for the defender against a sacrificial combination) but to no avail: 1 8 . . KXN 19 RXQ or 18. . QXR 19 RXQ KXN 20 R-B7 19P-K5!? BXR 20 Q-B4+ +- +-. 18 We have already expounded the view (passim) that the ability to carry out simple sacrificial operations-such as the Greek bishop sacrifice against KR7-can be acquired as a matter of technique.

23 R-B3 B-B3 24 Q-R6 B-N2 25 QXP!! From Morphy to Fischer 60 The Chess Combination from Philidor to Karpov 2 5 . . N-B5. The immediate 2 5 . . PXQ 26 BXN+ is about the same as this. 26 RXN PXQ 27 E K 6 f R-B2. Or 27 . . A rare fate for a World Champion. (b) B. , Groningen, 1970. Irregular opening. A second game with Paulsen-Morphy reverberations. Ljubojevik adds some brilliant twists of his own, but the basic pattern, with the cramping Black Q on d3, is the same. 1 P-KN3 P-K4 2 B-N2 N-QB3 3 P-K4?!

22 R-Q8 23 R/QSxQB PXQ RXP N-B5 Does Black regain the piece? 24 P-R3! 25 RXB! NXB N/B3-Q2 Or 25. . RXR 26 N-N6+ K-N l 27 N-R6 mate. 26 R-B7 27 N-Q5 RXP Black Resigns. And here are two games of the type which are probably more familiar to the chess public-yet Keres and Tal were building on the experience provided by Capablanca. 80 From Morphy to Fischer The Chess Combination from Philidor to Karpov 81 (a) Keres-Sajtar, Amsterdam Olympiad, 1954. Sicilian Defence. 1 P-K4 P-QB4 2 N-KB3 P-Q3 3 P-Q4 P X P 4 NXP N-KB3 5 N-QB3 P-QR3 6 B-KN5 QN-Q2 7 B-QB4 P-K3?!

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