1960 Tal-Botvinnik Match - download pdf or read online

By Mikhail Tal, Karsten Müller

THE 7th version OF TAL’S vintage WORK

“Mikhail Tal’s most appropriate account of his global championship fit victory is likely one of the masterpieces of the golden age of annotation – prior to insights and emotions and flashes of genius have been diminished to mere strikes and Informant symbols. this can be easily the simplest booklet written a few international championship fit via a contestant. That shouldn’t be a shock simply because Tal was once the best author to develop into global champion.”

– foreign Grandmaster and well known chess columnist Andy Soltis.

In 1960 Mikhail Botvinnik used to be the pillar of “scientific” chess and the iron-willed champion of the area. The younger attacking genius Mikhail Tal, the “Wizard of Riga,” positioned the magic again into the sport via defeating Botvinnik with marvelous strategies in a single of the main dramatic and celebrated international championship fits of all time.

This is Tal’s personal vintage paintings at the contest. In it he units the degree and explains each of the 21 video games, telling either the on- and off-the-board tale of this giant conflict of types and thought.

This 7th version is supplemented through German grandmaster Karsten Müller’s new Foreword and a relocating essay by means of former USCF government Director Al Lawrence.

Find out why this booklet is generally considered as the most effective chess books each written…

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E8? ¦xf7? h6? ¢b1? ¦d7! ¤g5 ¥e4+! ¥h5 e3! ¤g5! £xf2? ¦f3! £f4 ¦e8? ¦bg8? h5!! £h5 e4?! ¥c2 b4?! £g5+!? h5 ¦c6?! £c7 ¦b7! ¤3d4!? 0-0! e5! ¦h5! ¤d4! ¤a5?! ¤g4! £c7!? ¦xf7! £f3?! 0-0! £f3+! ¤d5!! exd5?? ¤xe5! ¥xa8 ¤c6!? ¥f4 e5!? ¤b5! £a7+?! £d3! £c6! ¤a5?! e5? ¤d5! dxe5? ¤d4! exd6 ¥d8! ¤d4?! ¦ae1! £xc7÷ ) g5! ¤f2+?? £d8+! ¦xe6! a4! g4! ¦b8?! ¤a5?! ¦f2!? b3! b5?! ¦f3 ¤c5?! c7! ¥f8!? ¢c4! ¥b7!? £g4 ¤b4? £h3! ¢d1! £h4?! f5?! ¦f1! ¢d3! ¥g7? h5! ¦xh5!? f5! ¤d7? exf5?! ¥f4! c7! ¦fe1! ¤g6? ¦f3 £d8! ¥h5± ∆¦xc2?

G5 ¥b7! £e4! £xc3!? £xb2 £d8! £h8+! ¦c6! ¦e8+! ¥e2!? ¤f6? cxd4?! ¤f6?! d5!? d6!? 0-0?! ¤g5! ¤a4!? ¥h6! ¤e6! ¤h4! ¤xg6+! ¥g7?! c5!? ¤e4! c5! £e3! £e3+! ¥b5+? ¥c4+ d5! ¤d5 ¥e6?! ¥b3! ¦e1! dxc4?! ¦d8!? ¤g5! ¤xa5 ¤xa5! ¤e4! ¥xc4? ¥h6+ ¢g8! ¥e7! £d4! ¦xh7! ¢b1 £b7? £d3! £d4! ¦ac8! ¥h6! £d3 ¤c4! ¦c7! ¤e5! ¥xf8?! hxg6! ¤g8+! ¤xf6 ¤c6! ¤g4+! axb4! h6!? ¥f4 c4! h4!? ¤d2! ¤h2? ¤a4! 0-0-0 ¤xc3! ¤xd2? b3! bxc4! ¥xe4? e4! dxe4! 0-0-0? ¤xc3! ¦xe2?? ¦h8+! ¤h6+? b4! f5! ¤a4! ¤xd2? ¦h2! ¦ah1! 0-0-0? ¤xc3! ¢c1 ¦g2!

Fxe5? £e3?! £d4 ¤xe5! ¤dc5! £d2! ¥b7!? ¤g8? ¤e6? 0-0-0! ¥e6! ¦g6! fxe6? ¦xg8+! ¦a8? ¤b4?! ¥d5?! f5? ¥c8?! ¥d5! h6?! £g3? £g4? ¤xg6!? ¦g3 b4! ¤d4 £b6! ¥b3? £e5? £e5! ¥g4? g4! ¥c8? ¦f8?! ¦xg2?? ¥xf7+! b4? ¦d7! fxe6? ¦bd8? £xd8? ¦xg4? ¤g5! £xf6+ e3!? ¥d5? fxe6? h5?! h6? ¦g3?! ¦xg3? ¦d7!! ¥h5!! ¦e8? ¦xf7? h6? ¢b1? ¦d7! ¤g5 ¥e4+! ¥h5 e3! ¤g5! £xf2? ¦f3! £f4 ¦e8? ¦bg8? h5!! £h5 e4?! ¥c2 b4?! £g5+!? h5 ¦c6?! £c7 ¦b7! ¤3d4!? 0-0! e5! ¦h5! ¤d4! ¤a5?! ¤g4! £c7!? ¦xf7! £f3?! 0-0! £f3+! ¤d5!! exd5?? ¤xe5! ¥xa8 ¤c6!?

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